Simona Paraschivu (RO)

Born in Bucharest, Simona Paraschivu (Mandache) is an accomplished classical and contemporary dance teacher at the "Floria Capsali" Choreography High School. She graduated from the same institution before pursuing a Bachelor's and Master's degree at the "I.L Caragiale" University of Theatre and Film. Paraschivu has lent her skills as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher to various artistic endeavors, including the Romanian National Opera, National Theatre, Godot Theatre, Bulandra Theatre, Little Theatre, Jewish Theatre, and National Dance Centre in Bucharest. In addition to performing in Romanian folk dance ensembles, Paraschivu has also showcased her talents in flamenco and traditional Spanish and Mexican dances - Folklorica. Notably, she has danced leading roles in productions like Poker Face, The Land of Dreams, and Asediatii Liberi. Paraschivu has also crafted choreographic moments for a variety of shows, events, and flash mobs, including those involving her own students. Furthermore, she has worked as an assistant choreographer for the likes of Greek choreographer Amalia Strinopoulou and Romanian choreographer Andreea Tănăsescu, supporting shows presented at prestigious venues like TNB, Teatrul Rapsodia, and Teatrul Evreiesc.
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